Just What Do Abbreviations on Craigslist Suggest?

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Just What Do Abbreviations on Craigslist Suggest?

Double-check those acronyms before you invest in any Craigslist deal.

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Invest very very long chat that is enough cruising, community forums or question-and-answer sites, and you’ll get used to common internet acronyms such as for instance LOL, WTH, FTW and AFAIK. Particular niche websites, such as for example Craigslist, spawn acronyms and abbreviations of one’s own. Finding the time to understand typical of the very most typical abbreviations you’ll see on Craigslist – or CL, for brief – helps you make definitely clear on exactly what you’re purchasing, offering or giving out.

Then Craigslist acronyms follow long-established print standards if you’re perusing job listings. For example, FT (full time), PT (component time) and EOE (equal opportunities boss). Product Sales and terms that are personal a bit more complex; discover the lingo before you offer or purchase.

Sales Associated Craigslist Acronyms

Craigslist usually takes benefit of the exact same abbreviated speak you’d see much more traditional printing classifieds.