Shepparton council opens relief centres

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Shepparton council opens relief centres

The city’s council is preparing to start opening relief centres across the country at a cost of $350,000, with one centre expected t온라인 카지노 조작o be opened by next month.

This will be a huge relief operation, with around 600 volunteers coming together to help those who were left homeless during the worst flooding.

“The response is huge. It’s been huge 카지노 쿠폰 지급and we’re very proud of it,” said mayor Phil Rogers at Friday’s council meeting.

“There’s been a huge amount of really talented people, so it’s great to see some people coming in and we’re very happy with that.”

Residents are also being encouraged to help out by setting up drop off points near the emergency centres and encouraging people to bring food온라인 카지노 추천 and water.

“This is a great thing we’ve seen to help support people who otherwise would have lost everything and couldn’t get to us,” said Councillor Mike Phelan.

“It’s a relief and we hope that that will encourage other people, who feel they may be out of luck, to come in and join us.”

The full results of the disaster should be available by Saturday morning.

This morning there were seven areas affected by the river, and many more that remain. There are no indications that the river will begin to recede by the time you read this.