Asian tour golfers would have seen the world go berserk by now

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Asian tour golfers would have seen t바카라사이트he world go berserk by now. It’s all over. Now they’d start laughing as they realize that their eyes are looking forward to their next trip to Australia.

A new breed of golf-goer?

Maybe not.

To see how golf-shy players think, look no further than the golfers in this video from ABC Sport. In this two-part video, five golfers (Golf-Star, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods III) show the potential of the game to the audience. The players then explain why they can’t see the game any more.

In an interview with The Associated 우리카지노Press, PGA president Tony Stewart 바카라said that players have been taking the golf tour “to the point where it’s becoming obsolete for what we’re doing.”

I’m not sure if Stewart meant what he said — in other words, golf players are losing sight of what the game is about — but this video demonstrates exactly the type of golf player that golf enthusiasts are seeking to be.

Golf is a game and it is still going strong. It’s getting worse, and soon the same could occur to the other sports and it would be foolish for anybody who wants to take part in them to lose sight of this fact.